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Kare Plus MENA are a specialist organisation focusing some of the most complicated aspects of healthcare and life sciences recruitment. With 90 offices in the UK, our focus lies in introducing our clients to candidates who surpass their expectations. We also have an extensive database of locally based candidates with a variety of skill sets. Our network enables us to strengthen the healthcare industry by helping motivated, talented people propel their careers.

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Allied Health

Healthcare Operations

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices


Kare Plus-MENA are experts within all specialisms of Medical Recruitment – A&E, Surgery, Family Medicine, Radiology, Paediatrics, Anaesthetics, Pathology, Psychiatry, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Tropical Diseases, Geriatrics, Radiology, Cardiology and more.

The demand for specialist Niche skills for Doctors and Consultants is very high. These candidates are always in short supply and are highly sought after. The competition to recruit the best is fierce as the investment and growth in the sector across the Middle East is set to stay. The demand for bigger, better equipped, modern, efficient hospitals and clinics has never been greater.

‘Medical Tourism’ to our region is booming from all corners of the globe – the West, Europe, Africa and the Far East.

Our Recruitment teamed have formed long lasting professional career relationships with many leading well respected Doctors, Surgeons, Physicians and Consultants who are pioneers in their own right. Whether you are a candidate looking to be put in touch with one of our esteemed clients for that once in a life time career progression opportunity, or if you are a client seeking the very best talent to join your team, then let us manage the process for you.


Kare Plus-MENA understand that the demand for well trained, qualified, experienced and professional Nurses has never been greater. The race to find that untapped pool of talent, to source and sometimes onboard whole teams in one go from the other side of the globe, and to manage the process is challenging and complex. Just as it is to find that one ideal candidate for a new unit due to open in 2 weeks time.

But via our already established worldwide network of contacts, we are able to focus on building a ready pool of Nurses within every specialism – General Nurses, Mental Health, Paediatric, Learning Disability, ICU, Surgical, Home Care, PACU, Clinical, Neonatal, Maternity, Radiology, Oncology, Dermatology and more.

We regularly organise and hold large registration day events, helping newly arrived Nurses to understand the job market in more detail to their broader options.


Kare Plus-MENA are lucky enough to already have an established network and large UK database and network of Allied Health Professionals from every conceivable background and job function that is rich in candidates willing to relocate to the UAE.

We are also the Recruiter of choice for many Allied Health practitioners already resident and working in the region. Our core ethics and professional recruitment practices set us apart from the competition. Our candidate management and ongoing relationship building is second to none. We care about our candidates.

This particular ‘recruitment vertical’ is broader than most. The range of candidates and skills sets differ, but is underpinned by a common passion for Care and Rehabilitation. Whether it be Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language, Rehabilitation, Dietetics, Pharmaceutical, Audiology, Dental Hygiene, Sonography, Home Health, Domiciliary Care, Supported Living, Dermatology, Beauty and Medico-Aesthetics.

healthcare operations & project management

Kare Plus-MENA are the only UAE based supplier of staffing services with a dedicated team focussed on sourcing the best talent within Healthcare Operations, Design, HR and Facilities. We look ahead, upstream of the current market need, sometimes before your new Hospital or Clinic has even been commissioned and you have even thought about recruiting a HR team or Medical team.

We realise that the provision of Healthcare Consultancy (Turnkey design, Fit-out and equipping of new hospitals and Medical Clinics) is crucial to what we do ‘down stream’. It is interwoven with the skills we will be asked to supply, the candidates we will represent and the clients we will serve maybe a year down the line.

Whether you need an Operations Manager or Project Manager to manage the commissioning and bringing into operation of your new facility, advising on operational and facilities management, overseeing design projects, licensing, regulatory affairs, interior decoration and installation of medical equipment, organise training for Clinical, Non-clinical and Management staff, meeting with new clients to understand their requirements, conduct market survey and feasibility studies, monitor costs and expenses to assist in budget preparation, coordinate with design team for Hospital, Medical Centre & Pharmacy project design or attend customer quotation negotiation meetings – we can help you find the right people and build your team. We can recruit and build your in-house HR aswell as your Facilities management team.

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Kare Plus-MENA support life science companies with the many challenges they face while combatting unmet medical need worldwide. Ageing populations, rare diseases, epidemics and the millions of patients without access to medication are just a few of the pressing issues that life science companies contend with. The industry is under increasing pressure to develop new and innovative ways to save and improve patients’ lives. Kare Plus-MENA aim to support their work by connecting life science companies with the highly skilled professionals they need to continue innovating. 

Our dedicated team are able to source the best talent in such a niche market that is highly contested, delivering experts in Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology, Clinical Research & Development, Clinical Data Management, Drug Safety, Health Economics, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs aswell as many more.

Working with each of our other specialist divisions to ensure that all of our clients recruitment needs can met, whilst delivery the best talent where it is needed most.