Four reasons to work in Dubai

1. Financial – If you work in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates for that matter, you enjoy a salary that is not only usually higher than industry standards, but is also usually tax free.

2. Multi-culture experience – In most offices in Dubai and the wider UAE,  you will be able to mingle with a number of people from different nationalities learning about their language, culture and religion.

3. Adventure – Now that we’ve covered the financial part, we can focus on what’s in store after work or during your holidays. Dubai is a perfect starting point to exotic destinations you can think of: the neighboring Middle Eastern countries like Jordan, Syria or Egypt. Europe is not that far with London only a 7 hour flight as is going to Bangkok and Singapore.

4. That resume appeal – Including a “difficult region” (Middle East) in places you’ve worked will definitely make your curriculum vitae pop out from the bunch.


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